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Basics and Foundation

PJ has spent countless hours learning how to break this super complex skill of SLOW ROLLING down to allow you to progress according to your body's specific needs.  Learn the sacred ROLL RULES (and how to break them) along with a solid plan to get you to your roll goals.

Thursday, February 1, 2024
9:30-11:30am PST

  • Introduction to C-shaping, ground and air drills, beginning c-shape rolls such as the donkey clam to S-wrap,c- shape roll down, amazon roll.

  • Prerequisite: none, but be aware these are technique-based skills that require study.  Strength and Flexibility are rarely the limiting factors.


  • 2 hrs, notes in PDF provided, along with access to download recording of workshop

  • Totally acceptable to participate by doing or by watching and taking notes

  • $45 USD

  • Can be registered in a package with the Rolling:Single Coil workshop for $75 total

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