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Build your Straps Set 

Create your own straps conditioning set to help you achieve your goals on vertical apparatuses.  We will look at progressions to one arm movements, and ways to introduce fatigue minus the grip limitations of vertical.  I'll make sure we cover exercises that help fill the strength gap between intermediate and advanced rope material as well as leave you a way to think through making a well-rounded conditioning set.  While I will definitely be doling out the drills, it is by no means an exhaustive exploration.  I'll be using drills and explaining their principles so that you can carefully add/subtract new drills you come across with confidence.

  • Work through single arm inversion, meathook, elephant lift/scorpion, and even some flag progressions

  • Understand when to train on the rope vs straps

  • 2hrs online, you get the recording for review afterwards

  • Straight arm inversion prerequisite

  • $45 USD

the deets:
Friday April 19, 9:30 PDT

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