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Slow rolls and fast rolls on vertical apparatuses are comprised of similar ingredients, but fast rolls have a preparatory phase to generate momentum and, unlike slow rolls, do not utilize c-shaping nearly as much.

This workshop is to clarify the difference in technique, explore the generation of momentum, and to gain a solid pathway to fast rolls to back balance such as Hip Lock Rollup, Double Coil Rollup, and Single Coil roll to Flag (flag olé).  We will also take a look at fast rolling from front balance.

  • Develop/refine the building blocks for fast rolls to back balance 

  • Pre-req:  30 second hollow body hold and 2+ experience on vertical apparatus

  • 2 hours online workshop with live feedback

  • Recording provided after the fact (and yes, you can skip attending the workshop and just have the recording)

  • PDF notes included

  • $45 USD


Friday, July 26 
10:30 am PDT

ALSO click above  if you would like to request the recording by registering

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