Friday, January 29, 2021

9am-11am PST

This workshop is for those who can complete one revolution of a single coil, or who doesn't feel like passing out while making multiple attempts.  We will take time to perfect technique of slow rolls and I'll introduce some variants such as the front-to-back balance, no-hands hip key slow roll, toe single coils, and footlock rolls.  The focus is slow rolls utilizing c-shapes versus momentum based rolls.

  • For those looking to refine their single coils, get multiples, and add to the roll vocabulary

  • PREREQUISITE:  ROLLING UP FOUNDATIONS COURSE and/or approval via video submission of single coil roll or other equivalent roll

  • 2 hrs, notes in PDF provided, along with access to download recording of workshop

  • Totally acceptable to participate by doing or by watching and taking notes

  • $40 USD