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PJ Perry

Circus Artist and Coach

PJ Perry

PJ has been multi-disciplinary aerialist since 2008, specializing in corde lisse since 2013.   She loves the simplicity of this apparatus and thrives on chasing momentum. Her performance work is defined by her love of the narrative, with a strong sense of intuitive pathways, while her coaching technique draws from a wide array of sources, ranging from scientific to experiential.

Coaching should be comprised of encouraging self-discovery of pathways, learning multiple techniques, and pushing physical limits, in equal parts.  In addition to her 20 years of movement instruction and teaching experience, PJ holds a masters degree in kinesiology and  loves to utilize her background to develop a user-friendly language regarding complex movement.   This particular approach has enabled her to assist many students and performing artists to access one of the more complicated rope skills, rolling while ascending.  PJ currently coaches on aerial rope and on the ground, teaching basic handbalancing.


PJ currently lives in Bellingham, Washington, and is active in the Bellingham Circus Guild, though one can occasionally catch her in Seattle.  She has performed with the Acrobatic Conundrum, Circus Monti, Venardos Circus, the Aerialistas, Bellingham Circus Guild,  the Dream Science Circus, Western Australian Circus Festival, Moisture Festival, Apogee Aerial Dance Festival, Southern Fried Circus Festival, Vashon Open Air Festival, Denver Aerial Arts Festival, Vancouver Circus Festival and in Stuttgart, Germany, at the Friedrichsbau Variete.  Her current projects include a collaboration with Eve Diamond called Girls Gone Rope, ongoing collaborations with aerial hoop superstar, Dream Frohe, and continued solo rope development. 

Photo:  The Silence

photo:  Casey Grimley

I absolutely love working with PJ! She has an extraordinary ability to break down even the most difficult rope skills into manageable pieces and I've made considerable progress with her help. I always appreciate her capacity to meet me exactly where I am; she pushes me when I need to be pushed and scales things back when I need to work up to where I want to be.

Jenn Kerr


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